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TubedTV - A TV channel for millennials

  • Media & underhållning
  • Plats: Storbritannien
  • Kapitalbehov: 5,9 Mkr

Beskrivning av TubedTV - A TV channel for millennials

A TV channel for millennials. We are working with Youtubers with over 40m followers to produce content on music, cars, sports, travel etc.

Tubed TV is launching a TV channel to bring successful YouTube vloggers, to the TV screen. Tubed’s contracted stars have more than 40 million followers and more stars will be added.

Our target group is described as millennials, an advertising demographic of 12 to 34 year-olds.

We, the professionals behind Tubed TV, have enormous experience in launching and running TV channels.

The unique and substantial commercial advantage for Tubed is that YouTubers will create television programmes with us to bring their own audiences to Tubed TV.

Television developed by and for the youth of today.

För ett minimum belopp på SEK 1,076,660 erbjuder vi 2.60% av vårt företag och för ett maximum belopp på SEK 5,924,660 erbjuder vi 12.79% av vårt företag.

Aktiepriset är SEK 20.20.

Minimum investeringen är SEK 2,161 och maximum investeringen är SEK 5,924,660.
The shares that are given away are B-shares with 1/10 suffrage.

We will have a positive cash flow and show a profit after our first full calendar year. We plan to give dividend already after year 2018. We expect to have a cash flow of over £3M after the second year.

* Profit first fiscal year
* Expected turnover 2018 £4,600,000
* Yearly dividends
* Exit plan, within 3 years, include M&A deal or IPO

Positive cash flow and profit after year 1. After year 2, over £3M in the bank,.

* The company has already started production of TV programmes
* YouTube stars with over 40 million subscribers are signed
* The current financing is for starting in UK and producing programmes to broadcast as
well as for exporting to TV channels outside UK.
* Step 2 is exporting the concept to other countries

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